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[Site-wide Event!] Diamond Moon Tournament [Registration] Grimmjow_icon__for_ace__by_xxakii-d50c9tn

[Site-wide Event!] Diamond Moon Tournament [Registration]

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[Site-wide Event!] Diamond Moon Tournament [Registration] Empty [Site-wide Event!] Diamond Moon Tournament [Registration]

Post by Frost on Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:31 pm

The Diamond Moon Tournament
[Site-wide Event!] Diamond Moon Tournament [Registration] Ichigo_holds_sword_to_Byakuya's_neck

The Soul Society has been invaded! After hours of struggle, the shinigami where forced to surrender to this new mysterious enemies overwhelming power! Along with most the seireitei, the Gotei 13 has been reduced to only a few divisions, and of those divisions only few shinigami have the courage to fight back.

But now the enemy leader is giving the Soul Society one last chance. He will fight the shinigami head on, but has said he shall only go into battle with the one most fit to raise their sword to him! So in order to find this shinigami, a series of battles has been set up in order to test the combatants he may end up fighting. The one who rises above all the others will be given the opportunity to face him.

-All forum rules must be followed
-Arena rules/conditions must be followed
-You must be signed up

If you wish to take part in the tournament, then please say so below!
The winner will given a reward at the end.

3rd Seat I Join the 1st! I Hiatari Ebisawa
[Site-wide Event!] Diamond Moon Tournament [Registration] Mizore_Shirayuki_signature_by_gold2040
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[Site-wide Event!] Diamond Moon Tournament [Registration] Empty Re: [Site-wide Event!] Diamond Moon Tournament [Registration]

Post by Eldridge on Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:57 pm

Event seems interesting. I'm in.

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