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[1st Division] Charred Ranks

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[1st Division] Charred Ranks Empty [1st Division] Charred Ranks

Post by Ven 158 on Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:28 pm

[1st Division] Charred Ranks Zzzzz

All members of the 1st Division:
Ranks will be given out every month on the 1st.
What we ask is for decent posts quality, activity in
and out of the division.
Anything else is a bonus
to help promote you to a higher seat.
Upon completing
your trial spar you will be ranked.

Thank you.

Captain: Tara
Vice-Captain: Hiatari

3rd Seat: Eldridge
4th Seat:
5th Seat:

6th Seat: Drake
7th Seat:
8th Seat:
9th Seat:
10th Seat:


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