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[1st Division] Shinigami Profiles

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[1st Division] Shinigami Profiles Empty [1st Division] Shinigami Profiles

Post by Tasapop on Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:06 am

Your RP Characters shall go in a separate thread dedicated to your very own RP character in the RANKINGS section.


Character Name (what is the name of your character?):
Appearance Age (what age do they look?):
True Age (the actual age of your character):
Motto (what is your character's personal belief or quote?):


Eye Colour (what color are their eyes? Be sure to include specific characteristics (ex. if your character's eyes are green with an amber star shape around the pupils)):
Hair Colour (what color is their hair? Again, be sure to include specific details (ex. your character's hair is black in the front, but blue in the back)):
Hair Length (how long is your character's hair? Again, be sure to include specific details (ex. your character's bangs are collarbone-length but the rest is chin-length)):
Height (how tall is your character? Preferred in cms):
Weight (how much does your character weigh? Preferred in kgs):
Skin Tone (is your character pale? Tan?):
Scars, tattooes, or any other distinguishing features:
Shihakushou (what does your character's uniform look like? Do they wear a traditional, sleeveless, etc. Shihakushou? Also, include any modifications to your character's uniform):

Normal personality (how do they generally act around others?):
Battle personality (when confronted, how does your character act?):

Pre-death age (optional) (how old was your character when they died in the Real World?):
Biography (provide a summary of your character's life up until the time they became a Shinigami):

Fighting Style:
Fighting Style (how does your character fight? Do they use Zanjutsu, Hakuda, tactics?):

Fun Facts (put down any unusual hobbies, tics or actions that your character does):

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