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The Burning Sword Tavern

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The Burning Sword Tavern Empty The Burning Sword Tavern

Post by Eldridge on Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:02 am

The Burning Sword Tavern

The Burning Sword Tavern Forest2

A dangerous place. A dense forest crawling with predators more treacherous than found anywhere else. These woods are called home by monsters and haunted by the ghosts of those undiscovered and long dead. But deep in the forest there shines light. Light and the sound of merrymaking. For deep in this forest on the end of a well-known path the Burning Sword Tavern nestles between the trees as if held up by their stoic rigidness. A place for weary travelers to rest off the perilous journey through the forest; have a drink and share a tale and a laugh with friends.

The Burning Sword Tavern TavernPic

Upon entering, and down the stairs, you are greeted by a warm fire burning in the large hearth on the opposite wall; stout wooden tables scattered in no particular order around the room, and a great serving counter spanning the entirety of the adjacent wall. The Tavern was built around a giant of a tree and at the center of the tavern the colossal trunk raises through the building.
At the counter you can order a hearty meal and a generous flagon of ale, or for the weary traveler a nights rest in a room on the upper level.

The Burning Sword Tavern Tavernmap

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