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The Hollowfied Snow Person, Hiatari Ebisawa Grimmjow_icon__for_ace__by_xxakii-d50c9tn

The Hollowfied Snow Person, Hiatari Ebisawa

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The Hollowfied Snow Person, Hiatari Ebisawa Empty The Hollowfied Snow Person, Hiatari Ebisawa

Post by Frost on Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:37 pm


Name: Hiatari Ebisawa
Appearance Age: 19
True Age: WIP
Pre-Death Age: WIP
Motto: Where their is hope, there shall always be despair


Eye Color: Ice Blue with no Pupils
Hair Color: Purple
Hair Length: Down to shoulders with bangs that reach to his eyes
Height: 150cm
Weight: 45kg
Skin Tone: Snow-White
Tattoos: Up his right arm coils a tattoo of a dragon
Shihakushou: Hiatari wears a traditional shihakushou with the addition of a purple haori and a red ribbon to strap his zanpaku-tôs to his back


Normal Personality: Hiatari is a usually cheerful person who is often seen with a smile on his face but he is however, prone to blushing. He would rather spend his time sleeping or talking to people he knows than fighting but beware, he has an evil side to him as well...
Battle Personality: Hiarari is an expert at strategy, often planning out the battle as if he were playing a game and then thinking several moves ahead.

Fighting Style

Zanpaku-tô: Itami
Fighting Style: Uses a combonation of everything but lacks in his kidô

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