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Batman and Superman's Metropolitain Adventure! (Warning, it has gay themes.) Grimmjow_icon__for_ace__by_xxakii-d50c9tn

Batman and Superman's Metropolitain Adventure! (Warning, it has gay themes.)

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Batman and Superman's Metropolitain Adventure! (Warning, it has gay themes.) Empty Batman and Superman's Metropolitain Adventure! (Warning, it has gay themes.)

Post by Valkyrie on Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:59 am

Chapter One
I can’t believe I’m doing this, I thought as I slowly walked up the path to Bruce Wayne’s mansion. Adjusting my glasses slightly, I pressed the doorbell button on the wall next to the door, and then stood back, waiting for a response.
“Who’s there?!” Alfred’s voice barked sharply through the intercom, “And what the DEVIL are you doing here at this time of night?!”
I laugh quietly, and then press the intercom button. Holding it in, I answer in my deep, smooth voice, “Alfred, it’s me. I’m here to see Bruce. He asked me to come.”
“Just hold on a moment. I’ll send him right down.”
A small smile crosses my face as I hear Alfred’s message. Bruce is coming! I think in delight, smiling to myself. Bruce opens the door moments later, smiling the same smile as he looks at me. At least, I think he’s looking at me. Fears that I’ve been followed here begin welling up inside me, and I gulp nervously.
“Bruce…” I say nervously, “I need your help. Metropolis is in more trouble than ever, and…” Bruce silences me with a finger to my lips, and a raised eyebrow.
“Slow down, Clarke. What’s going on?” Bruce asked in that deep voice of his, sending shivers up my spine.
“The Joker and Lex Luthor have teamed up. I can’t handle it on my own, Bruce. They have Kryptonite.” Bruce’s eyes widen.
“Come in. We’ll talk about this in the Batcave.” He opens the door wider, inviting me in.
“Where’s Richard?” I ask, looking around, and using my x-ray vision to try and find him in the mansion.
“He’s out. We have the entire mansion to ourselves. Alfred’s going out too.”
The entire mansion to ourselves?! I think, hormones beginning to rage through my system. I gulp somewhat nervously, and look away. “So… uh… to the Cave?” Bruce rolls his eyes at me, and leads me to the secret entrance to the Bat Cave.
“Where else would we go?” He asks, laughing jokingly, “My bedroom?”
I laugh half-heartedly. “Yeah… who would want that?” I ask, slightly embarrassed, and trying not to show it. Something must have shown in my voice, because Bruce turned to look at me as he escorted me down the stairs to the Bat Cave. “Something wrong, Clarke?”
I shake my head, smiling falsely. “No, nothing! Just a bit worried about the whole Joker-and-Luthor-teaming-up-and-having-a-supermassive-chunk-of-kryptonite-that-could-totally-waste-me thing.”
Bruce nods sympathetically. “I don’t know if I should show you what I’ve been working on… but…” He admits, leading me down the stairs into the Bat Cave, “I don’t know if it works…”
“What is it?” I ask keenly, willing for anything to take my mind off of him.
“It’s a new suit. But I designed it to reject kryptonite, so if any of the stuff comes near you, it will repel it.”
“That’s… AWESOME!” I exclaim.
Bruce blushes at my enthusiasm. “Thanks. But it isn’t done yet.”
Walking in silence, we enter the Cave. Bruce goes and sits in his chair, and then turns to me. “So. What’s going on in Metropolis?”
“Luthor broke the Joker out of Arkham Asylum, and recruited him. Well, technically, he bought him out of Arkham.”
“Bought him out of Arkham?! What? How?!”
“With money, I assume.”
“Funny, Kent. What do they want this time?”
“The usual. Take over Metropolis, kill the superheroes. You know the routine.”
“They’re quite the psychotic terrorists.”
“That they are. But we need to leave straight away in the morning, Bruce.”
“Why not leave now?”
“It’ll cause suspicion, won’t it?”
“Not if we leave a note.”
I shrug, seeing his point. “Let’s leave the note, then, Batman.”
Alfred and Richard,
I have gone to Metropolis on Superhero business.
If I don’t come back, Superman gets my car Alfred gets the car.
Don’t break anything.
I show Bruce the note, and he laughs, and crosses out the Superman gets my car bit. “Let me get into my costume. I’ll meet you out the front, Clarke.”
“Sure.” I turn away and walk out the door, waiting for him to turn around. I look back over my shoulder, and see him turned away. Smirking lightly, I fly silently and quickly into the room, and watch him slowly take his shirt off, revealing his sculpted upper body. I gasp and he turns. “Clarke? Is that you?” He asks, and I don’t respond, paralysed with fear that he’ll find me. Bruce turns away again, and resumes getting undressed, and I fly out quickly and quietly.

I land outside the front door, panting heavily. That was so close… he nearly caught me perving on him! I think, and straighten as Bruce opens his front door.
“Nice try, Clarke,” Bruce winks at me as he passes. “Next time, don’t gasp so loudly.” My jaw drops, and he laughs. “Get in the Batmobile. We’ll get to Metropolis that way.”

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