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The cheeky fighter, Grave. Grimmjow_icon__for_ace__by_xxakii-d50c9tn

The cheeky fighter, Grave.

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The cheeky fighter, Grave. Empty The cheeky fighter, Grave.

Post by God of War on Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:13 pm

Character Name:
Appearance Age:
True Age:
1v1 me!


Eye Colour :
Dark Brown

Hair Colour :

Hair Length :
Medium length and straight.
Height :
98kg (Mostly muscle)
Skin Tone:
Light Tan
Scars, tattooes, or any other distinguishing features:
Scar across the Right eye.
Shihakushou :
Grave only wears his uniform on special occasions and it is the basic shinigami uniform.
Otherwise he is wearing long jeans that are black and a plain black shirt.

Normal personality:
Randomly, likes to cause other's troubles for his own amusement.

Battle personality:
Gets angry which greatly affects how he fights, the angrier he gets the more careless and on the attack Grave is.

Grave has almost no memory of his death all he can remember was someone screaming.
Grave had no name or friends in his early years in Rukongai usually spending his time lying on roofs or walking the streets. A boy ran into him one day whilst walking the streets he had grown accustomed to. This initiated a fight a few days later, both Grave and the boy who had pronounced his name as Traven passed out from exhaustion. Grave later became Traven’s friend, Traven giving Grave a name and a place to live. Grave still remembers the day Traven gave him the name Grave, Grave was sitting in his room thinking when Traven walked in and said “I’m tired of calling you guy or dude, from now on your name is Grave it matches you perfectly” and with that he just walked out leaving a confused Grave sitting there smiling.
Traven was killed by a hollow when they had both gone for a run at night in the forests. Grave discovered his Reiatsu power that night releasing a blow that shattered the mask of a hollow. A Shinigami that was sent to review the scene found Grave lying next to Traven. Traven was already dead but Grave was just barely alive the Shinigami took grave to the 4th division for healing. When Grave awoke he was informed of what had happened the previous night. A few months later Grave was accepted to the Shinigami academy excelling in Hakud.
After graduating he applied for the 10th squad and got accepted making many new friends and became happier but never forgetting Traven.
Grave has always had a voice in his head and has made good friends with it.

Fighting Style:
Fighting Style:
Grave only ever fights using Hakuda, he could only grasp the basics with the sword and his kido was horrible.
But when it comes to using his body he is a monster.

Fun Facts:
Carries a book with him and writes down a name every-time he loses.
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