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The Charming Demon, Drake Claymore

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The Charming Demon, Drake Claymore Empty The Charming Demon, Drake Claymore

Post by DrakeClaymore901 on Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:46 pm

Character Name: Drake Claymore
Appearance Age: 22
True Age: 179
Motto: Pride comes before a fall.


The Charming Demon, Drake Claymore Oh3i82
Height: Drake is 5 foot 11
Weight: 175 ibs
Scars, tattooes, or any other distinguishing features: Has a tattoo of a phoenix at the top right hand side of his shoulder, and has another tattoo of a wolf on his right arm.
Shihakushou (what does your character's uniform look like? Do they wear a traditional, sleeveless, etc. Shihakushou? Also, include any modifications to your character's uniform): Drake's uniform is a typical soul reaper shihakushou, although it has small white disks on the arms and has an extra sheath, although he only carries one zanpakuto.

Normal personality (how do they generally act around others?): Drake is a pretty nice guy normally, he will also contribute to a conversation and will also start one up with people he has yet to meet. Although usually level minded if he gets reminded of something about his past or even gets annoyed he will explode and not think clearly.
Battle personality (when confronted, how does your character act?): Drake is very cautious and observant during battle, mainly using feints to undermine his opponent. He can get pretty angry in battle if he is fighting for something that he thinks is important to himself.

Pre-death age (optional) (how old was your character when they died in the Real World?): 21
Biography (provide a summary of your character's life up until the time they became a Shinigami): Drakes life was pretty typical, he was a smart kid and always studying, he never believed in ghosts or spirits as he only believed in something that can be seen or felt. He wasn't religious either and thought the whole religious aspect was trash, strong in his views he made an excellent debater and even had a shot at becoming Prime Minister of Northern Ireland where he lived. Although he died at a young age he lived his life to the fullest and always tried new things, a bit of an adventurer he was never at home, he was always travelling and meeting new people.

Fighting Style:
Fighting Style (how does your character fight? Do they use Zanjutsu, Hakuda, tactics?): Mainly uses his zanpakuto and sheath to fight, although he will cmbine aspects of kidou to his attacks also, will only use hakuda against unarmed opponents.

Fun Facts (put down any unusual hobbies, tics or actions that your character does): Drake loves to drink and party and is mainly seen with a pair of headphones listening to music, he always travels to the Living World in order to get the latest tracks to listen to, and isn't into sports as he feels that 'humans waste their time playing ball when they could be working or drinking'.

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